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"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson

I never thought of Mike Tyson as a business mentor before, but his quote sums up what has happened to us all over the last twelve months. Being successful is not only about managing what you have but also be able to think differently about what you need when circumstances change, and you must adapt quickly. It is about how to approach a difficult problem from a different perspective. Funding can generate some serious headaches for ambitious companies needing capital whether for growth, organic growth or acquisitions. As such funding plans sometimes need to be changed quickly to take advantage of opportunities. At LGF this is something we’ve grown very skilled at, we offer strategic but practical advice to businesses to help them solve immediate requirements as well as putting in place long-term funding facilities.

A great example of this is BlueVenn who we've been advising since 2017. Blue Venn are a Bristol-based marketing technology platform providing marketers with all the analytics, predictive insight and omnichannel marketing automation capabilities they need. We have raised debt funding for the business on three occasions to help them take advantage of market opportunities by acquiring businesses and assets in the UK and by expanding operations into the US. We're incredibly proud of BlueVenn and have loved being on this journey with them and we are delighted that they have been recently acquired by Upland Software, a NASDAQ-listed software business, headquartered in Austin, Texas. It takes an entire team to make things work but knowing how to roll with the punches is a great skill, and we're happy to have helped them come out on top. "I’ve worked with LGF since 2017 and their advice has been invaluable in helping us to formulate and execute the right financial strategy for the business. They have been very much part of the team and have appreciated their support and counsel through our journey" Steve Klin, CEO BlueVenn

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